Professional Portraits

Business Portraiture: "Breaking The Ice"

The basic marketing step for most people is a business portrait. A portrait allows you to give potential clients an initial positive impression about you. Numerous studies have shown this simple truth: people (your potential clients) like to look at faces. So, have them see your face in your marketing!

But I HATE Being Photographed!

We understand that no matter how important it is to one’s business, most people don’t like (okay, hate!) being photographed. Happily, we are different than most photographers...we love working with people and want you to feel comfortable and love your final portrait!

Why Choose Us To Create Your Portrait?

With our nearly 30 years of experience, we know how to help you relax with natural poses and the perfect lighting that helps you look great. We keep our sessions speedy and give your portrait the perfect finishing touch with expert retouching that helps you to look your absolute no extra charge!